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As the academic session is starting in Kota for admission and studies for various competitive examinations like IIT JEE and PMT ( pre medical test), lots of students and their parents are looking for best coaching institute and best living options like P.G. (paying guest), hostels and residential apartments for their wards. “Best PG and Hostel” options are those living places that are close to your coaching institutes, in a peaceful locality and good food options. Starting from 01 march to end of april around 2 lac students come to study in kota and they all need good living options.
A bad living place can make or mar your chances to make it to the college of your dreams and in most of the cases people are not able to find the best suited PG or hostel for their wards. Regrob helps you to find the best suited PG and hostel in Kota.
Specific points for choosing girls’ hostels – People are more conscious about safety and living of their girl children and sending them to live in a hostel in kota is a big decision. One should choose a hostel which has 24*7 available lady warden inside the campus of hostel. There are also rules for both guys and girls about timing rules and sending their info to their parents back home.


The prices of PG and hostels in kota start from INR 4 thousand to INR 18 thousand per month and residential apartments starts from 10 thousand to 30 thousand depending upon a lot of factors.

PG and hostels in Kota550-800 sq ft4000-12000
Residential Apartments in Kota For Rent550-1800 sq ft10000-18000


There are many options for students and their parents looking for best living options in Kota and it is hard to find those. like P.G. are called those buildings or places where small number of people live in, like in a PG not more than 40 to 50 people live in the house and there is no inside mess is also available.
In a hostel, which is a bigger setup more than 200 students live and inside the campus various facilities like mess and open places are also available.
There are many students who come to Kota, come with their parents or guardians who live with them while studies are on and so students don’t have problems in their fooding and lodging, so families prefer residential apartments in Kota.

If you are in Allen coaching institute in kota and studying in sankalp, safalya, sabal and samarth buildings in Kota then finding PG and hostels in mahaveer nagar and indira vihar area of Kota is best. If you can’t find a good hostel in these areas then you should find a good PG option and a good mess nearby. Generally mess charges are 2000 to 3300 per month which is in affordable category.

You should all do this fast as the best rooms in these Hostels and PG of Kota gets filled very fast.You will also get to meet a lot of middleman near your coaching institutes, railway station and bus stations. They will promise you to get the best PG and Hostel available in Kota but that hardly happens so you should choose the middlemen very carefully also when deciding your living in most crucial year of your life.

Location Advantages and Directions


There are various amenities in PG and hostels like — mess / tiffin service / lifts / coolers / A.C / Heaters / Geysers and based on these amenities the prices are determined.
There are some very useful amenities are present in good hostels in Kota for students so you may fully concentrate on studies. The amenities are —

a) Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Buffett style so you may choose your food.

b) Snacks in evening time, continuous studies makes you need more energy around evening.

c) Good hostels in kota also provide you van facility to pick and drop to and from your chosen coaching institute. This is very important to have zero problems in commutation.

d) Some good hostels in Kota also provides services like laundry, meditation and exercise areas which is crucial to students.

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